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The real life is so busy and noisy, almost of touirsts want to a green vacation to closer to natural beauty and fresh air. With 10 years in green travel, Asia Green Resort pround of one of the top agency in the area. We provide green tours to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand including green resorts and hotels. Asia Green Resort promise that we will bring beautiful nature to your vacation. Furthermore, our website show useful travel information like what to eat, where to go and guiding when travelling each country. Let travels the natural tours with Asia Group Tour!

Foods & Drinks

Bun Thit Nuong

Bun thit nuong comprises rice vermicelli noodles, grilled pork, (grilled meat balls, deep-fried spring rolls for substitute) served with dipping sauce and herbs aside.

Green Hotels & Resorts

Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur offers the perfect combination of style, comfort and five-star luxury.

Situated on the most beautiful beach of the planet, Green House Hotel is like a landmark peace and beautiful natural scenery here. With modern architectural style, it's up to utilities but still close to nature.