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The real life is so busy and noisy, almost of touirsts want to a green vacation to closer to natural beauty and fresh air. With 10 years in green travel, Asia Green Resort pround of one of the top agency in the area. We provide green tours to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand including green resorts and hotels. Asia Green Resort promise that we will bring beautiful nature to your vacation. Furthermore, our website show useful travel information like what to eat, where to go and guiding when travelling each country. Let travels the natural tours with Asia Group Tour!

Foods & Drinks

Visiting and exploring Korea, almost tourists find out that Kimchi is the most famous traditional dish and icon that well-represents Korea culture and people. Koreans use kimchi in every meal and you can enjoy it easily everytime and everywhere in this country. Kimchi is made by many ingredients likes cabbage, radish, cucumber and/or other vegetables, and due to these, the name of the dish also differs.