Cost of Living in Indonesia

Cost of Living in Indonesia

Indonesia is the land of wonders and all-year tropical seasons. Whether it’s concrete jungle like Jakarta to Medan or nature’s miracle like Bali or Lombok, Indonesia has every possible thing for your comfort.

A country consists of almost 17,508 islands and infinite beaches. You can visit a new beach every day and still have a new seashore to explore for the next day – A lifetime.

Kuta – Indonesia. A hidden gem and natural habitat in Indonesia.

An apartment in the city center will cost you only 273 USD. Living in Indonesia comes at a comfortable price. A studio apartment to rent outside the city will cost almost 170 USD only.

For western ex-pats, Indonesia is a very “pocket-friendly” county. Pack of 1-liter milk only costs 1.30$, and a loaf of fresh bread comes with a bit of price tag of 1.13$.

For essential utilities like electricity, gas, or water, ex-pats in Indonesia have to pay a little over 70$. The cost of living in Indonesia is pretty decent.

If you are looking to find out the cost of living in Indonesia, you don’t have to worry because we have done a lot of research for you. 

Before diving into the “cost,” let’s start with some of the essential things to consider.

Is Indonesia expensive?

Indonesia is one of the least expensive countries in the World. INSIDER has chosen Indonesia among the top 5 pocket-friendly countries in Asia.  

Cost of living Malysia

With only $1, You can buy one load of laundry or one creamy avocado shake, or you can pay for a 2km taxi ride. A family of four would only need almost $2000 to live comfortably in Indonesia.

Is Indonesia a safe country?.

Indonesia is a moderately safe country. Due to some terrorism activities, Covid-19 issues, and natural disasters, the U.S has placed Indonesia on the list of level 3Reconsidereded to travel for her citizens.

According to Nations Master, Indonesia ranks at 165th number as it has only 0.5 guns per 100 people.


A daily life view from the streets of Jakarta – Capital of Indonesia.

Before reaching the point to calculate the “actual cost” for foreigners living in Indonesia, Let’s take a look at the expenditure of necessities.

1. Food and Beverages

  • A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost a little over 1.75$ for foreigners in Indonesia.
  • You will have to pay $14.03 for lunch of three courses for two people in a midrange restaurant.
  • McMeal costs 3.51$ in Indonesia.
  • Regular cappuccino comes with a small price tag of $1.94.
  • A bootle of 0.33 litter water comes handy with little money as $0.30
  • Expats in Indonesia have to pay $1.29 for a 1Liter milk pack.
  • A loaf of fresh white bread costs only $1.14 per 500g.

2. Fruits, Vegetables, and Poultry

Item (in KG)

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Eggs (12)


Local Cheese


Chicken Fillet


Beef Round


3. Rent per Month

  • Studio Apartment in City Center of Indonesia costs $272.27.
  • The expense of 1 Bedroom apartment outside of the city center is $169.16.
  • The expenditure of living in any three bedrooms apartment in the city center is $658.04.
  • A 3 bedrooms apartment outside the city rush will come with a price tag of $393.76.

4. Utilities

The price of essential utilities is considered very pocket-friendly by Foreigners living in Indonesia. For essential utilities like electricity, Cooling, Heating, Water supply, and Garbage, ex-pats in Indonesia have to pay almost from $68 to $70 per month.

The price of the internet in Indonesia costs almost a little over $32 for unlimited data. Every minute of mobile tariff local costs 0.10$.

5. Clothing and Shoes

A pair of Levis 501 or similar jeans comes with a price tag of $38.03 in Indonesia. A summer dress from any chain store will cost $28 to $30.

For Americans living in Indonesia, A pair of mid-range Nike shoes cost around $65 to $70. A pair of men’s leather business shoes come in handy at a reasonable price of $60 to $65.

6. Land Possession Price

  • The price per square meter to buy an apartment in Indonesia starts from $1700 to $2000. It is almost the same as the monthly rent of a studio apartment in NYC per month.
  • $950 to $1200 is the price per square meter to buy an apartment outside the city center.

7. Salaries

Due to inflation, Salaries in Indonesia are low as compared to the U.S or other western countries. An average salary is $300 to $500 per month after tax.


Indonesia is a heaven for retirees for its beautiful beaches, colorful culture, and affordable living.

Foreigners in Bali are often surprised to see the low cost of living.

You can enjoy the same luxurious lifestyle in just $750 – $1000 that you used to have with over $2500 a month back in your home country.

A family of four would only need $2000 to $2500 per month to explore all wonders offered by irresistible _ Indonesia.  

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