Best Places to Live in Thailand

Best Places to Live in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its majestic beaches, exotic cuisine, and luxury at affordable prices. With tropical temperatures and low-cost vibrant nightlife, this county attracts tourists around the Globe.

Due to its vibrant living lifestyle, rewarding and friendly people, Thailand is the top pick by many expats to settle. Pattaya, Bangkok, and Koh-Sumai are some of the best cities in Thailand for foreigners.

Before diving into the list of “best places to live in Thailand”, here is your complete guide on what you need to know before moving to Thailand.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Thailand?

Well, it depends on you and your budget. You can have all the exotic food at a price range between $2 to a five-star dinner at $200.

If you choose to live in a three-bedroom apartment in Bangkok, it will cost you $2500 or maybe a little more depending on the facilities. 

But, if you try the suburban areas of Koh Samui or Phuket, You will only need $700-$950 for the rent of the two-bedroom apartment. 

With a budget of only $2000, a couple can afford to live anywhere in the country. You can live comfortably from $2000 to $2500 a month.

Where do Most Expats Live in Thailand?

Thailand is the best place to live for foreigners. Most of the expats in Thailand live in these cities due to many perks: 

Expats in Thailand

  • Bangkok            (Affordable food, Cultural hub, and City life)
  • Pattaya              (Nightlife, Vibrant beaches, and rain forests)
  • Phuket               (Best health care, Slower pace of life, and High living standards)  
  • Koh Samui         (Best cuisine, Multiple clubs, and Dense green mountains)

Can I move to Thailand permanently?

Yes, you can move and live in Thailand permanently. All you need to do is apply for a permanent resident visa or retirement visa. This application doesn’t need any specific requirements.

Can a foreigner buy property in Thailand?

Thai law prohibits foreigners from buying land in Thailand. However, A foreigner can still purchase the whole building minus the land on which it was built.

If you are looking for the best place to live in Thailand, either the countryside or the city life attracts you. We have done a lot of research for you, and here is your complete guide to the top cities in Thailand.

1. Bangkok – Urban heaven for exotic food

Bangkok has undoubtedly become the top choice to live by tourists. Bangkok has some world-class luxury hotels and public transit options.

This city is also famous for its multicultural cuisine at affordable expenses. This city has so much to offer, from a noodle bowl for $2 to a five-star dinner for just $200.

You can have the best shopping experience in the capital of Thailand. Some of the best silk and clothes are just another cherry on top to pick this city.

Bangkok – Urban heaven for exotic food

Bangkok has some of the best healthcare to offer. It will cost you around $60 to see a specialist doctor. Just around $40, you can have a detailed visit to the dentist.

Everything will be available to you just a few steps, from condos to restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, and professional tailors.

In just one and half hours, you can get to Vietnam or Cambodia for your dinner or next adventure.

Living in the heart of Bangkok will cost you around $731 for a two-bedroom apartment with accommodations. For something more significant, for $950, you can have a three-bedroom apartment with access to an International school.

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2. Hua Hin – A Royal Choice for Summer

A quiet town with clean and mystic seashores. This city became an instant hit in the 1920s when the Royal Family of Thailand built a summer palace here.

Hua Hin is famous among expats living in Thailand as a lively seaside town with easy living, Sandy beaches, tropical food, and inexpensive taste of life.

There is a great night market for inexpensive bags and beautiful Thai crafts. On the beach, you can also have a feast of pocket-friendly seafood.

Hua Hin – A royal choice for summer

Over the decade, Hua Hin hosted an international jazz festival featuring some fantastic local and international singers.

Like all other cities on the list, Hua Hin also offers the best medical care in Thailand. Recently opened Bangkok hospital near this town is second to none.

With a monthly budget of $1100, you can enjoy your life in this beautiful town with cities’ accommodation and delicious food.

3. Chiang Mai – High Mountains and Slower Pace of Life

A city blessed with tropical temperatures. It is the second-largest city in Thailand. Chiang Mai is located four hours drive away from Bangkok. It is the most suitable place for expats to live.

With over 117 Buddhist temples, the roots of this holy city can be traced back to 700 years. The bells of temples give the area its unique feel.

This slow pacer city has so much to offer, from convenient, impressive food options to the most reasonable price and high living standards.

Chiang Mai – High Mountains and slower pace of life

Studio apartments can be rented for just $400 and can be brought for little over $22000. This city is famous for Thai handicrafts, silverware, woodwork, and low prices.

This city is also considered as the holy city for half of the population. With all the temples around you, It is excellent for your mental health too.

If you want to find a job, this city is the best place to live in Thailand. You can start teaching English in Kindergarten or primary schools.

4. Phuket – Pearl of Andaman

Nothing compares to the sparkling beaches, white sand, warm water, and jungle-top mountains of this city. It is an island from Paradise for many expats living in Thailand.

In Phuket, you can have the best taste of southern cuisine. It is a “HOME” away from Home. From Indian to Thai, And from English to Turkish taste, you can have it all in a single city.

Compared to other cities, Phuket is an expensive place. A brand new, fully furnished home for a couple will cost you a little over $2500.

Phuket – Pearl of Andaman

An international landmark, “The white marble Buddha” is also a plus point with vibrant nature and lush green mountains. It ranks at the top for the quality of life in Thailand.

Chalong Bay offers the best scuba diving facilities and marine life at the southeast end of Phuket island.

One of the most significant advantages of this city is “Phuket international airport.” With this route, you can easily avoid the chaos of Bangkok airport while entering an existing country.

5. Koh Samui – It’s like Hawaii, Only More Accessible and Affordable

Koh Samui is an ideal place to live. With palm-lined beaches and dense rainforests, it is the second biggest island in the country. It is the cheapest city to retire in Thailand.

Healthcare is an affordable place to live in Thailand. You can visit a doctor for a fee of $20. The quality of healthcare is just the same as in California.

You will have access to Yoga centers to Pilates centers and from Salsa dancing to Bridge club. This island offers you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Koh Samui - It's like Hawaii, only more accessible and affordable

Another place for your adventure is the secret garden of Buddha. This island also offers you the spiritual nourishment that you need. It is the safest place to live in Thailand.

Koh Samui is a low-cost living paradise. You can enjoy your life to the fullest with a little over $1500 to $1800, including renting a sea view front two-bedroom apartment.

There are at least 12 beaches for your long romantic night walks. Chaweng beach is considered one of the best places to live on Koh Samui island.

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6. Pattaya – Fun and Vibrant

Pattaya is the top choice of expats living in Thailand due to its vibrant nightlife and famous massage centers. It is a perfect place to enjoy and relax.

This city offers the best of the best cuisine, beaches, nightlife, and affordable Hotels.

All year long fresh tropical weather is another reason to choose this city.

This city offers you the best international schools in Thailand for your children. Such schools are open to intake throughout the year. It is the safest city in Thailand.

Pattaya – Fun and Vibrant

With affordable medical care, you can live under the budget of $2000. You can go cheaper if you want. You can also go for a studio apartment that will cost only $500.

Thailand is open to everyone with different orientations. Pattaya is also famous for its acceptance of Homosexual couples and ladyboys.

Jomtien Beach is another reason to choose this city. You will fall in love with the it at first glance. Pattaya has so much potential for you to discover!

Here are some other honorable mentions for you to live or explore the beauty of Thailand.


Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand when it was founded in 1351. This city is famous for its UNESCO Heritage site, which expands over 289 hectares.


This city has many rivers and offers you a pocket-friendly living style.


This city is famous for its many tourist destinations. From Wat Tham Phu Wa temple to WWII ruins, It is the place to find the roots and metal calmness.


 This countryside town offers luxury on a budget with a lot of historic sites and Temples.


Pai is the hidden gem of Thailand. It is located at the bank of the Pai River. This city is great for you if you are looking for adventures.

Chaing Rai

This city gives you the adventures of life as an expat with few pennies to spend.

Chaing Rai

Chaing Rai is a city with a tiny population. As compared to other neighboring towns, it offers you life at a slower pace. This city has many important landmarks, including the famous “White temple.”

Chaing Rai

You can easily manage your life in this city with a little over $1200.


Thailand is a place worth living in. It is a top choice of many Americans for its year-round tropical temperatures. Healthcare in Thailand is also top-notch.

This country has all nature’s pearls. From shining beaches to lush green mountains and from best cuisine to cross-cultural heritage, Thailand has so much for you to explore.

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